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Roofing Day - What To Expect

A great deal of debris —namely, your old roof will literally be thrown down from the top of your house into your yard via tarps during this project. To minimize damage, the yard should be cleared of everything that can be removed—law ornaments, hose, potted plants, etc. Valued landscaping/plant life should be marked with red tape and pointed out to the project supervisor or coordinator; any in-ground sprinkler system should be visibly marked as well. Please discuss landscaping concerns with us so we can be sure to try to avoid these areas. Please understand that you do need to leave adequate space for our workers to do their job and although we do everything possible not to cause any damage to yard or plant life, sometimes these damages are unavoidable.

Move your vehicles out of the driveway before we arrive. We need to get trucks, dump trucks, and dumpsters right up to your house and once we are there it will be very difficult for you to move your car if we are behind you.

Roofing work is loud. You may want to make plans to be out of the house during working hours to avoid these loud sounds. If you choose not to be home for the project, please make sure that you will be available by phone and, if possible, in close vicinity should we come across any unforeseen issues.

Many homeowners don't consider that having work done on the roof outside can affect what's going on inside. Persistent hammering and multiple people walking above can cause your home's structure to shake. We ask that you remove any items that may be susceptible to falling or breaking (photographs, art, hanging objects, vase on an unsteady table, etc) especially on the 2nd floor.

If possible, cover anything in your attic with sheets. Small cracks in your roofing sheathing may allow for small debris to pass through when your roof is stripped back. Tossing sheets over Christmas ornaments, pictures, and furniture makes clean-up of this dust much easier.

Provide us access to electrical outlets. An exterior outlet is perfect, however, if you do not have one we will need to run a cord through your door, garage, or window.

Expect us very early the day of your job. Unless we tell you otherwise, we will arrive around 7:00-7:30am. We need to take full advantage of all possible daylight.